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Measuring Thermistor NTC

////Video ini dibuat untuk memenuhi tugas Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)////
Mengukur resistansi thermistor NTC (Negative Coefisien Temperature) pada suhu tertentu.
NTC 102 = NTC 1K ohm pada suhu ruangan (25˚C).
Thermistor adalah salah satu jenis Resistor yang nilai resistansi atau nilai hambatannya dipengaruhi oleh Suhu (Temperature).
Guillermo Velásquez : in a real life scenario, aprox. how fast will let's say a NTC 5d-20 change from initial resistance to final resistance with 2A as final current in a current limiter configuration? Seconds, milliseconds? Minutes?
nevermorefuzzy : no speaka pig latin.... no care to read subtitles... sorry kid you have a great mind and you will do a wonderful job scrubbing toilets im sure.
Syahrul Brian Ardana : agung hapsah banget yaaa
Ahkam Dikri : oh gitu yaaa....

Comtek RC-216 Receive-A-Cue System

This item has been sold. I've left this up as a tutorial or product description. Brand: Comtek, Model: RC-216 Frequency Response: 216-217 MHz See what else inov8pro is selling at: http://stores.ebay.com/inov8pro

The RC-216 Receive-A-Cue system is a professional quality, digitally synthesized wireless cueing system operating in the interference-free 216-217 MHz band. The IR-230 induction receiver and NTC-102 neckloop eliminate the need for visible wires going directly to the ear. With the adjustable volume control and low residual noise, this discrete earpiece is loud enough for even the most demanding environments.

The dual function M-216 Option 1 transmitter can be used with a lapel microphone for live cueing, or the AUX input and whip antenna can be used to send cues from a line level audio input source. The Option 1 microphone mute switch allows the user to mute the microphone so they can address a third party privately without distracting the person receiving the cues. Also, the AUX input on the transmitter allows for prerecorded material to be played back from another sound source such as an MP-3 player, laptop computer, or even a feed from a mixing board. When using the mic input and the AUX input simultaneously, the AUX input will automatically lower its level to prioritize the signal from the mic input.
The complete RC-216 system includes:

M-216 Option 1 wireless microphone transmitter
PR-216 personal receiver
CM-183 omni directional lapel microphone
NTC-102 neckloop transductor
SM-N earphone assembly
IR-230 Miniature Inductor Receiver with fitting sleeves
Cleaning tool kit for IR-230
Auxiliary audio input cable
C-216 carrying case




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